What size does my image need to be?

For a really good quality canvas print we recommend your images to be at least 500kb in size for small single image canvases, and any size over 24" to be at least 1000kb (1MB). For multi image canvases and bespoke canvases, image quality may not be so important as your image will be smaller. Of course we recommend you send the original (raw) version of each image to give you the very best quality canvas print we can. We can of course use any image you send us, and we will let you know if there may be quality issues due to image size. 

Do I need to get my images resized and cropped for you?

No. We do all this for you as part of our free service. Not only do we enhance your images to increase clarity and colour where needed, we will crop and naturally resize (no shrinking or stretching to make fit) each image to fit the canvas you are ordering

How do I get my images over to you?

Within the product description, we show the best and easiest way for you to send your images to us for that certain style canvas. These include uploading them, emailing them, sending them over as a complete folder using a free to use file sharing website, and also sharing them with us on Facebook via a message.

The photo's I want you to use for the canvas are physical prints. Can you use these?

Yes. We can professionally scan these in for you. The only thing we ask is for you to send the photo's to us via the post. This is of course at your own risk, we can not be held responsible if they go missing. We will then return all photos when sending out your new canvas print. Please contact us before ordering if you wish to send in physical prints.

Can you remove watermarks? Can you print images I find or supply from the internet?

No. Watermarks are there for a reason, and we will only reproduce your images onto canvas that you have full print rights over or permission from your photographer. We also do not print any copyrighted material such as Disney Characters for example. Please see our terms and conditions section for full information regarding this.  

What is the Gallery Wrap?

Unless stated otherwise, all our canvases come with a Gallery Wrap finish, which has the edge of the canvas mirrored to the front facing image. This way, you keep 100% of your image on the front and you will not lose any image to the sides. You can of course have no edging (white) or coloured edging, or you can have a full wrap where the front facing image continues over the edges. Simply ask at time of order.

The size I want is not listed?

This is no problem at all. Simply contact us with your requirements and we can quote you in regards to this. We can print up to 40" x 90" in increments of 2" starting with 6" 

What is the difference between Standard and Deep frames?

We offer two options with regards to the depth of your frame. The standard size is 18mm in depth, and the other is 38mm. They are both made of Russian 'Kiln Dried' pine wood, and do the same thing. The only obvious difference is of course how far they sit off the wall. It's all down to your preference, some customers like the canvas to sit close on the wall, and be less 'intrusive' so they opt for the standard 18mm frame. Others like the canvas to be a focal point, or like it to simply stand out more, they tend to choose the deep 38mm frame. 

Do I need Satin Varnish Protection?

In short no. Our Matt finish canvas has a lovely finish and is pretty robust. However, if you choose to have our Satin Varnish protection, it does have many benefits. Firstly it adds a layer of protection, from the likes of dust and finger prints. It also makes your canvas more scratch resistant and easier to keep clean. Lastly it looks amazing! It makes Blacks really Black, and brings life to the colours. It has a really nice soft sheen finish to it, and we do recommend having Satin Varnish protection on canvases that have a lot of dark or Black ink coverage.  

How long until I receive a proof from you?

Once your canvas has been paid for, we aim to get a proof over to you within 2 working days.  Depending on when you order we may be back to you far sooner, or it may be a little longer, if for example you order early hours Saturday morning as we won't be back into the office until first thing Monday.

How long does shipping take, and how do you send the canvases? What if I need a canvas sooner?

Once your proof is approved, shipping usually takes 2-4 working days including some Saturdays. We send your canvases out via My Hermes at a flat rate of £4.95. This is fully trackable and details of your shipment are available at request. Special instructions like leaving the parcel with your neighbour, or in a safe place are available at your own risk. We are liable for all deliveries up until the point you sign for it, but can't be held responsible if you ask us to leave the canvas in a safe place and it's damaged or stolen as a result of this. As you know, from time to time couriers can lose, or damage parcels in transit and if this is the case, we will send a replacement free of charge once we have investigated what has happened. If you need to place an urgent order, we do offer next day delivery as a chargeable option when you pay for your canvas.

How do I look after my Canvas?

Do not expose your canvas to strong heat (e.g directly above a radiator or heater or fire) or excessive moisture. Do not use chemical cleaning agents, fluids or sprays on your canvas. To remove dirt, wipe very gently with a well wrung, soft damp cloth and then allow to dry. To remove dust, carefully use a soft feather duster or static cleaning cloth.

Feedback or suggestions?

We welcome and appreciate all feedback and suggestions, this will help us improve our site to make the easiest and best way to order bespoke canvas prints.
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